"Notes & Quotes About The Health Benefits of Copper"
Health Benefits of Copper: Cures for common ailments have been sought by man throughout the ages.  He searched his environment for natural remedies, applying tinctures, poultices, taking teas, bathing in mineral waters, and mud.  The use of metals for medicinal purposes is found throughout recorded history.  One of the world's oldest texts, the Eber Papyrus, states, "Treat inflammation with pulverized copper".  Pharmacies all over Europe sell copper bracelets for the inflammation of joints.  The American Arthritis Foundation calls copper bracelets an "unproven remedy". 

Probably the most authoritative publication on the subject is Dr. Helmar Dollwet's book, The Copper Bracelet and Arthritis, 1981 Vantage Press.  In it Dr. Dollwet explains that copper is an essential element of an enzyme necessary for the production and regeneration of the cartilage lining the bone surfaces.  Copper (and zinc) he explains, are also essential to Super-oxide Dismutase (SOD) which cleans up superoxide radicals that can be destructive to human body tissues.

Evidence has been found through scientific research as to the breakdown and absorption of copper compounds through the skin. 

Read The Copper Bracelet and Arthritis  by Dr. Helmar Dollwet for more information on the benefits of wearing copper, and/or ask us for a synopsis of Sergio's scientific paper "Copper on Skin" first published in 1995 by the International Conference on New Science, Ft. Collins, CO.

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