"About Sergio Lub®© and his Copper Bracelets"

The Sergio Lub Team

Company background: Established in 1969, Sergio Lub Inc. consists of a team of 30 people in northern California, organized on a profit sharing basis, enthusiastically hand crafting and selling Sergio's designs through hundreds of galleries in the US and abroad. Our unique and fun way of working together is high lighted in our 1994 book "Merchants of Vision" where author James Liebig described it as "the embodiment in the best and new paradigm living". 

About the Artist:Sergio Lub®© is an American artist of Russian descent born in Argentina in 1953.  His Copper bracelets are the result of a young man's quest to combine the world's oldest traditions of Copper metal working with his own artistic vision.

Our copper bracelets Lifetime Guarantee: "My father, a master woodworker, taught me to be proud of my Copper and brass bracelet work.  If a bracelet ever breaks under normal use, Return it to Sergio Lub Inc. 3800 Vista Oaks Drive, Martinez, Ca. 94553

Our copper bracelets Metal Content: 
We use the finest metals available to handcraft our copper bracelets. The red metal is 99%
pure Copper, the element itself.  The yellow metal is Jewelers Brass (an alloy of 85% Copper and 15% Zinc).The white metal is German Silver (65% Copper, 17% Zinc, 16% Nickel, 2% silver), an alloy used in making white gold.

Essential Minerals: Both of our main metals, copper and zinc, are essential minerals needed by the body to remain healthy. "Copper, when in contact with the skin, forms chelates with human sweat (sometimes seen as green deposits) and is thus absorbed through the skin", writes doctor Ray Walker, of the University of New Castle, Australia.  He adds: "Think of a bracelet as a 'time-release' source of copper." 

Easy Wear: Sergio lub®© bracelets are designed to be worn at all times and everywhere.  They are coated with a thin layer of organic lacquer meant to wear off unnoticeably after a few days of use.  This lacquer can be wiped off the inside of the bracelets with nail polish remover if the wearer wishes to have immediate contact with the metals.

Easy Care: All our bracelets are made of solid metals, so any scratch or blemish can be removed by rubbing with a polishing cloth and/or brass polish.  The easiest way to keep our bracelets clean is by taking showers with them on.  With this minimal care they will age gracefully and last for generations.

Custom Fitting: As it is hand formed, each bracelet is repeatedly heat-treated to realign the crystal structure of the metals and to maintain their natural malleability.  Contrary to rigid and brittle machine processed jewelry, these bracelets are easily molded to custom fit your wrist. 

Our copper bracelets Health Properties:
Both of our main metals, Copper and Zinc are essential minerals needed by our bodies
to remain healthy.  "Copper, when in contact with the skin, forms chelates with human sweat
(sometimes seen as a green deposit under the bracelet) and is thus absorbed into the skin," writes Dr. RAy Walker, of the University of Newcastle, Australia.  He adds: "Think of copper bracelets as a time release source of Copper." "And we grow up to realize, dear Grandma really knew...Copper bracelets are good for you!"


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