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Guidelines For Use

Magnetic therapy is very different from chemical therapy in one important way.  With chemical therapy you usually ingest some type of chemical substance (drugs, herbs, food).  As soon as the chemical reaction takes place the body responds.  With magnetic therapy, you place the North pole energy directly over the painful area.  The force field from the magnet team up with the natural energy the body makes and the pain goes away naturally. 

Wear the product for a significant period of time. Therapeutic magnets won't help if you don't use them.  For pain in the hands, keep a bracelet or a wrist wrap on continuously if possible.  The reason we suggest putting something around the wrist when the pain is in the hands, is because all the blood that is supplied to the hand travels through the wrist. 

Cooperate with the natural cycles of your body. While the body is at rest, a great deal of healing and rejuvenation occurs.  If you offer the body extra energy by way of therapeutic magnets you are making the body more efficient.  For painful hands some people wear the Expansion Bracelet during the day and the High Powered Wrist Wrap at night.

Design your own wearing schedule. There are no hard and fast rules, except the more you wear the therapeutic magnets, the larger benefit you will receive.

Use Only the highest-powered therapeutic magnets. The natural law of thermodynamics (all nature runs downhill) becomes more and more a reality as the natural magnetic field of the earth declines.  As a result, living things are becoming more susceptible to disease and long term illness.  In order to fight disease and pain, you will need the best most powerful magnetic products Sergio Lub has to offer.

Use therapeutic magnets for more energy. Just as there is a transfer of energy directly from the earth to the body there is a transfer of energy from the therapeutic magnet to the body.  The Krebs Cycle (the cycle that food goes through starting with eating and ending in the production of energy) only accounts for 70 percent of our energy.  The other 30 percent comes from the earth or therapeutic magnets.  Perhaps this is why people, that spend alot of time indoors, do not seem to have the energy they do when they spend more time outdoors.

Magnetic therapy is very subtle. Sometimes it is so subtle you won't notice when it works.  Why is this?  We can only guess.  Perhaps we do not have a good line of communication with our bodies.  Perhaps it is because the subtle working of the therapeutic magnets are so natural and gentle that when we get pain relief, we don't believe the relief was from therapeutic magnets.


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