Fine Copper Bracelets
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Bracelets with a  included with it indicates that is available with magnets.
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#630 Gopper Maya  Pure copper band, adjustable to have comfortable and full copper-skin contact. Inlaid with the "Feathered Serpent" design, found carved in stone at the base of the oldest Centro-American pyramids. 
Available in Size S-M-L $30.00
#36 Hammered Brass  Jeweler's Brass band textured as a golf ball and made of 85% pure copper - which is absorbed through the skin - and 15% zinc, both essential minerals needed to maintain our health. 
Available in Size  S-M-L  $25.00
#726 same as above, includes magnets S-M-L $30.00
#208 Golden Mist  Challenging jeweler's brass design with an old around texture.
Available in Size  S-M  $20.00
#405 Silver Nibiru  Nibiru - Sumerian name for the tenth planet. Historian Zecharia Sitchin translated 5,500 year old cuneiform clay tablets describing four planets beyond Saturn. Modern astronomers have already found three of them.
Available in Size $20.00
#10 Hot Brass  Handcrafted by twisting a red-hot bar of jeweler's brass over a cold, rigid, silver wire.
Available in Size  S-M  $20.00
#204 Square Rope  Back in the 70's an elder from Taxco, Mexico taught Sergio how to "marry" different metals.
Available in Size  M-L  $20.00
#07 Nepalese Cord  Himalayan representative of the silver spirit hugging the copper body and the golden mind.
Available in Size  S-M  $20.00

#707 same as above, includes magnets S-M $25.00

#207 Marrakesh Honors Sergios adventurous friend David Smith, who swam from Morocco to Spain, twice!
Available in Size  S-M  $20.00
#708 same as above, includes magnets S-M $25.00
#03 Silver Ribbon  Impression from the first day of school in Russia, of many silver ribbons holding golden hair.
Available in Size  S-M  $20.00
#15 Russian Icon  Early visual aid for the faithful in Tzarist Russia, representing the mystery of the Trinity.
Available in Size  S-M  $20.00
#17 Golden Poem  Inspired on the medieval bracelets worn by troubadours at the start of European romanticism. It has flat areas for engraving symbols depicting the beginning, the body and the conclusion of their elaborated love songs, thus helping them remember (and largely improvise), the stories and their lyrics.
Available in Size  S-M  $20.00

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