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[Available in Medium Size Only.  Fits wrists from 6 to 7 Inches in circumference]
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#9771 Garnet

Healing, Protection & Strength. Worn to enhance endurance, vigor and to create a shield that repels negative energies. Exchanged in the past between parting friends to magically ensure that they met again.

#9333 Cherry Quartz

Associated with youth and passion, used to amplify life's forces and to augment clairvoyancy.

#9552 Green Agate

Ancient love attracting stone of a soothing, healing color. Worn in ancient Britain for love spells and as a wealth amulet.

#9661 Lapis Lazuli

Attributed powers: Joy, Love, Fidelity, Protection, Courage & Healing. Also believed to improve mental, spiritual, psychic and emotional conditions. Timeless association with royalty and divine forces.

#9771 Turquoise

JAttributed powers: Protection, Friendship & Good Fortune. Sacred stone for South Western Native Americans. Used as amulet to protect health when traveling. Given as a gift it bestows wealth and happiness upon its receiver.

#9773 Turquoise Heishi

Irregular handmade beads considered sacred for South Western Native Americans. Given as a gift it bestows happiness upon its receiver.

#9881 Amethyst

The stone of pure love, often given to strengthen a commitment. It is also the stone of Peace, Healing, Wisdom and Happiness. Useful to lift Spirits while calming Fears and Emotional Storms.

#9991 Black Onyx

Used by Native Americans for introspection and spiritual quests. Black Onyx is also believed to deflect negative influences.

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